40th Anniversary (2020)

Messages From Our Scholars

First scholar: Redd Nuñez

B.S. Computer Science, UP Visayas, 2008

Hi. I am Redd Nuñez, I graduated at University of the Philippines – Visayas, Miag-ao campus. I finished a degree on Computer Science last 2008. Currently, I am a Research and Development Manager at a Japanese company in Makati. It is my first company and I was lucky enough to be assigned by the company in Osaka for almost 9 years. Now I am back in the Philippines doing operations and project management work.

I am the first scholar of the association. The grant has been significant in my university years for me to be able to focus on my degree to get better grades that open up better opportunities for me and my family.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the Association. I wish you all the best and more success in the future. Happy Anniversary!

Second scholar: Miko Masangkay

B.S. Agriculture (Animal Science), UP Los Baños, 2010

Good day. It is my honor and pleasure to congratulate UPAAA-NSW for this 40th anniversary. I’m Miko Masangkay.  I graduated in the University of the Philippines – Los Baños last October 2010 with a degree in Agriculture, major in Animal Science, specialised in Animal Nutrition. Currently, I am working with San Miguel Foods Inc., one of the leading food companies here in the Philippines as one of its Regional Nutritionists handling feed formulations of Magnolia Broiler Farms located here in Visayas region,  and I’ve been with this company for the past nine years. With this, I would like to extend my gratitude to your organization for helping me during my college days with regards to financial support. My Scholarship Grant helped me on my daily needs when I’m studying especially when I’m working with my undergraduate thesis, and it also inspired me today to share my blessings that I have to those people who are also in need. Again, congratulations to your 40th anniversary, and I hope and pray that you continue to support students to achieve their dreams and goals.

Maraming salamat po at mabuhay kayong lahat!

Third scholar: Mea Joy Avergonzado-Recto

B.S. Computer Science, UP Mindanao, 2012

Hi, I’m Mea Joy Avergonzado-Recto and I was one of the recipients of the UPAAA-NSW scholarship grant. I graduated from UP Mindanao back in 2012 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Currently I am employed in Finastra, a fintech company that services to banks, mainly.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank UPAAA-NSW and its generous donors for the support they have given me while I was still in college. My parents then were struggling to send three kids to college. Sometimes my mother had to write promissory notes for the monthly tuition fee. That is why I am eternally grateful to the association because I was able to obtain a degree without having to worry about the financial aspect of it. I was able to focus on my studies. And because of the quality education I got, I work in a field where I’m happy with what I’m doing, which is programming.

I would also like to thank Dr. Cora Sinha who kept in touch with me over the years. Her words of encouragement from time to time always pushed me to do better.

Congratulations UPAAA-NSW on your 40th anniversary and more power to you!

Fourth scholar: Bernice Cortez

B.A. Social Sciences (major in Social Anthropology, minor in Psychology), UP Baguio, 2012

Hi, I’m Bernice Angeline Cortez.  I graduated from the University of the Philippines – Baguio in 2012 with a degree Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, major in Social Anthropology, minor in Psychology.

Immediately after graduation I worked as a college instructor in the Philippines.  However, I decided to move to Dubai in 2014 and there I was hired as an HR officer and as an Events Coordinator.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the members of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association New South Wales Chapter for the Scholarship Grant and for the opportunities I had and will have. May you continue being a blessing not just to students but to other people in need as well. I wish you all good health and please stay safe.  Again, thank you so much.  Happy 40th anniversary and mabuhay po kayo. God bless.